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Tomorrowland To Launch One-Of-A-Kind Dubai Glamping Site – Here’s Our Take

It's always exciting to see brand-new glamping sites hitting the headlines: It's confirmation that the trend is thriving and a sure sign that public interest in luxury holiday experiences is still growing year-on-year.

As such, you can probably imagine how thrilled we were to hear that the team behind Tomorrowland - one of the largest electronic dance music festivals in the world - are launching a seasonal glampsite called Terra Solaris.

Located approximately 25 minutes drive from the centre of Dubai (and about 30 minutes from Dubai International Airport DXB), this incredible destination is set to feature everything from an oasis-inspired infinity pool to a shisha lounge and restaurant, a stunning programme of live music events and all the mod cons you'd expect to find at a cutting-edge glamping resort.

Terra Solaris will also be home to a total of 74 glamping pods and tents. That's 48 bell tents, 20 luxury ‘perseid' pods and 6 ‘orion' lodges that'll each boast a private pool and outdoor cabana.

According to the Tomorrowland founder Nicolas Vandenabeele, the intention is to create a one-of-a-kind destination that' allow guests to immerse themselves in a world of wonder…relaxing in style under the Dubai sun”

If the initial plans are anything to go by, it sounds like he's definitely on-track to deliver!


What Inspiration Should We Take From The Terra Solaris Announcement?

The Terra Solaris site is set to cover approximately 371,000 square metres so it's probably a bit beyond the scope of most people's ambitions. It's also going to play host to a rotating roster of world-class DJs and some seriously incredible food and drink so we don't think it's really in the same class as most Dubai glampsites.

That said, the fact that Terra Solaris is popping up now should tell us that people have a healthy appetite for luxury vacations that put them out amidst the splendour of the Arabian dunes; soaking up the sun or relaxing under a star-lit sky.

It should tell us that now is a very good time to look at turning unused and unblemished land into gorgeous holiday retreats is a fantastic way to invest money, and that now's the time to be exploring options to launch your very own glampsite.

But it also tells us that people coming to Dubai - especially people looking to relax and unwind - really do appreciate life's little luxuries.

You may not be able to stretch to an oasis-themed infinity pool, but mod cons like covered terraces, manicured greenery and private pools will always go down a treat with people looking to relax in the desert sands, and that' awareness is definitely something that should be baked into any plans.

Is Dubai The Next ‘Go-To' Destination For Glamping?

Glamping is an inherently trend-based industry. Once, small glampsites in rural England were all the rage, and there's still a very robust market for these sites, but we're seeing more and more people turning their attention to more exotic climes. A quick look at Google Trends shows that domestic interest in glamping is at an all-time high:

Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 14.25.56

And global searches for “glamping in Dubai” are also rising at a frenzied pace:

Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 14.25.56

Only a fool tries to predict the future, but it certainly does seem like Dubai may be the next ‘it' destination for international glampers.

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